Assistant Professor at the Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Aplicadas,
Universidad de Los Andes, Chile.

My research interests focus on simultaneous optimization, mathematical economics, and market segmentation.

I am a Ph. D. in Economics and Ph. D. in Mathematics. My research is focused in the study of restrictions and segmentation in the access to markets. In 2019 I got a Ph. D. in Mathematics from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne under the supervision of Bernard Cornet (PSE - U. Paris 1 and U. Kansas). Before, I obtained the Ph.D. in Economics in 2015 with a dissertation entitled "Trading Constraints and Incomplete markets: Information and Existence" where I was supervised by professor Juan Pablo Torres-Martínez. That is, I completed a 5-years training in economics with a degree in Commercial Engineering at the University of Chile. Then, I did a master's degree at the same place. My undergraduate and most of the post-graduate program was focused on statistical methods. Thus, I learnt micro econometrics and worked on empirical topics until I started my master's thesis.



  • Amigo, P., S. Cea-Echenique, and F. Feijoo (forthcoming): "A two stage cap-and-trade model with allowance re-trading and capacity investment: The case of the Chilean NDC targets", Energy. (DOI link)

  • Cea-Echenique, S., and J.P. Torres-Martínez (2018): "General Equilibrium with Endogenous Trading Constraints", PLOS One 13 (9), e0203814. (DOI link) (ScienceDirect link)

  • Cea-Echenique, S., C. Hervés-Beloso, and J.P. Torres-Martínez (2017): "Endogenous differential information," Economic Theory, volume 63, pages 51-72. (Springer Read-Only) (DOI link) (Springer link)

  • Cea-Echenique, S. and J.P. Torres-Martínez (2016): "Credit segmentation in general equilibrium," Journal of Mathematical Economics, volume 62, pages 19-27. (accepted manuscript) (DOI link) (ScienceDirect link)

Book Chapters

  • Cea, S. and P. Amigo (2020): "Apunta+: Apunte colaborativo utilizando la herramienta Overleaf," in Proyectos de mejoramiento, innovación e investigación de la docencia universitaria 2019, Varios Editores, ISBN 978-956-17-0892-1, Ed. Universitarias de la Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

  • Cea, S. and A. Marinovic (2012): "Capital social, Confianza y Educación," in Fraternidad y educación, (Social Capital, Trust and Education) Rodrigo Mardones (Ed.), ISBN 978-950-586-297-9, Ed. Ciudad Nueva Argentina.

Working Papers

Teaching in EII-PUCV


  • Fabio Cofano, School of Industrial Engineering - PUCV and Torino Polytechnic (Master), Blockchain implementation for the social sector.

  • Cristobal Galleguillos, School of Industrial Engineering - PUCV (PhD), Capacity Investment and Behavioral topics.

  • José Tomás Pérez, Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Aplicadas - UANDES, Retirement plans.